"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."


     Traveling For Jesus Ministries is a non-profit evangelical ministry that seeks to get the existing local church fellowships moving forward into their surrounding communities. To be the hands and feet of Christ to a lost and suffering people and to perform the great commission, "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." We believe in relationship with the one living God and the adoption into his family. We believe that we must be born again and receive Jesus the Christ, living son of the living God, as Lord and savior. We believe every man, woman and child both great and small will bow before Jesus the Christ at his judgment whether they believe in God or not. We believe that all mankind are created equal and are very much equally loved by God whether they believe in him or not. We believe God's son Jesus the Messiah loves and will grant forgiveness to all those who call upon his name for forgiveness, turns away from sin and no longer takes pleasure in sin and then seeks God with all their heart, all their mind, all their soul and all their strength. We believe that if Jesus saved us in his great grace and mercy that it is very little to ask of us to boldly proclaim him before mankind with our word and deed, including baptism. We believe as adopted sons of the living God and joint heirs with Christ that we should represent Gods Holy Kingdom at the highest degree of integrity and as ambassadors of Gods Kingdom we should walk, talk and live like the princes that we are according to his Holy Scripture. We believe that we must be on-guard at all times to stand against the wiles of Satan, the enemy of mankind. We believe that in order for anyone great or small to endure the trials of life they must continually study and perform Gods word the Holy Scriptures. We believe that all those who are willing and obedient to Gods word are destined for greatness and they will be a shining light in the world of darkness. We believe that Gods commandments are very much in full effect and should be understood as Jesus put them to us: "Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul, mind and body and love thy brother as you love thyself." We believe that we all should put God first in all things great and small and then show his love to everyone in our life including our enemies. 
    We love you and have the sincere desire to help your ministry move forward in evangelism and to achieve a higher degree of representation of Gods Kingdom. If we can assist you in any way please feel free to contact us. We offer training classes for spiritual strength and warfare, motivational speaking and evangelical sermons, in-field training including prison / jail ministry and full revival services. We are evangelical and as such are not denominational and can provide these services to any denomination with full respect for your own belief system. The key to our success is to preach and teach simply Christ and his fundamental teaching principals. We would be blessed to meet with and interview with you in person please don't hesitate to call today! God loves you and may he bless you completely. 

Evangelists Doyne and Johnnie Ratliff
Call today: 731-824-4874 or 731-414-6001


Jesus is coming soon!
Are you ready now?

For Ministry information call:
731-414-6001 or 731-824-4874


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